Andy & Kate Blair

Lead Pastor

Andy and Kate made Savannah their home in 2006. While they were both on staff at a large church in Ohio they felt the leading to plant a church and found themselves drawn to Savannah. Since starting the church, the Blairs found ways to engage in poverty reduction both here and abroad. Ethiopia, their son's Teketel and Firdawek's birth country, holds a special place in their hearts. With backgrounds in retail management, corporate development, and the service industry, they understand that a spiritual journey happens in the midst of the chaos of life, not in the vacuum of a Sunday morning service.

Isaac & Tatiana Smith

Worship Leader

Isaac, originally from Atlanta, has lived in Savannah since 2006. His love of music rescued him from the typical perils that befall the average pastor's kid. He is an accomplished violinist, guitarist, and pianist-- but is much less adapt at caring for the average dog (a story worth exploring.) However, his greatest accomplishment happened in 2010 when he married his beautiful Dominican bride, Tatiana. Tatiana organizes our volunteers, sings alongside Isaac, and uses her masters in counseling everyday in her most important job... keeping Isaac under control.

Brad & Danielle Binion

Service Programmer

Brad moved from Ohio to Savannah in 2008, along with his wife Danielle and then infant son Wyatt, to pursue the vision of launching Tapestry Church. Having spent years working as a professional musician and audio engineer, he heads up the technology side of Tapestry. Overseeing the graphic design, website, video, audio, and lighting at Tapestry you can usually find both Brad and Danielle near something with a screen, knobs, or faders on Sunday mornings.