There's a lot more to Tapestry than just Sunday mornings. Check out some of our recurring and upcoming events below and join us. Another great way to stay up to date on what is happening at Tapestry is to follow us on social media using the links at the bottom of this page.

email with any questions you may have about upcoming events

  • Old Savannah City Mission

    Saturday May 13th at noon

    Tapestry provides a meal and church service at noon on the second Saturday of each month at The Old Savannah City Mission. We always have a lot of fun serving alongside one another and we invite you to be a part of it. If you would like to help make food, serve food, wash dishes, or just spend time talking with those less fortunate then please email and we'll get you plugged in.

  • Baptism Beach Party

    Sunday May 21st 1:30pm

    North Beach of Tybee Island

    At Tapestry we think that Baptism is cause for celebration! Join us for a baptism and beach party at the north beach of Tybee Island on Sunday May 21st at 1:30pm as we celebrate the people taking this step in their faith journey. Bring a side item to share and we'll provide fried chicken. 
    If you would like to join the party and be baptized as well please email:

  • Small Group At The Hull's

    Wednesdays 7pm

    Join us at the home of Averil and Jeremiah Hull on Wednesdays from 7-8:30pm as we read, pray, discuss, and grow in our faith together in community.

    320 East Victory Drive

    Savanah, Ga

    Contact Claudia Williams for more information about this group:

  • Saturday Dinner Club

    First Saturday of Each Month

    Life is too hectic for some to make it to a small group every week, so rather than just feel guilty about it all the time - let's try something new.

    Click this link to fill out the form to join a Tapestry Dinner Club.

    Rules of the club -

    1. You don't have to host if you don't want to. Obviously we would love you to host, but we understand that not everyone has the home, ability, or desire to do so.

    2. If you host, you cook the entire meal. We love the idea of everyone else just having to show up. And let's be honest, we would rather have someone cook rather than ten bags of chips picked up from Publix on the way to dinner.

    3. Each adult contributes $5 to the host (kids will be free.) This way, it won't be a huge cost to the host, but $10 to feed your family is still pretty great! If hosts don't want the money, they can donate it to the Tapestry Dinner Club sponsorship fund.

    4If you can't afford the $5, just let one of the Blairs know privately. We will take care of it.

    If you are in a dinner club with children (ages 2+), the small group material will be so that the children participate in the discussion/activities. The family dinner club aims to address the spiritual development of the entire family, not just the parents.