"In the essentials we need unity, in the non-essentials we need freedom; but in all things we need love." 

          Rupertus Meldenius, 17th Century Scholar

Core Values

Belief in Jesus

  • We believe Jesus to be the only Son of God, and salvation is found through his death and resurrection. We believe the way Jesus taught us to live is the best possible life we can live. We are convinced everyone can benefit by applying the teachings of Christ to their everyday lives. 

Intimacy with God

  • God desires an intimate relationship with each of us. We want to see every person develop their relationship with God.

Biblical Authority

  • God speaks to us through the scriptures and we recognize the Bible as the authority for our lives. We strive to help you connect your struggles and questions with the truth of God’s word.

Inclusive Community

  • God desires for each of us to experience belonging, care, accountability, and spiritual growth within a safe and loving community of believers.

Relational Evangelism

  • God's message of forgiveness through Christ is most effectively conveyed within the context of personal relationships.

Affirming Environments

  • We strive to create environments in which all people, in every stage of their spiritual journey, feel welcomed. We wish to cultivate an environment where diverse individuals can worship and fellowship together in community.